"I have seen personally what is the only beneficial and appropriate course of action for people: to eat and drink, and find enjoyment in all their hard work on earth during the few days of their life which God has given them, for this is their reward." (Ecclesiastes 5:18, NET)

March 9, 2013

Taller overnight

Christian was five years old when he went to bed and six when he woke up. "Do I look taller today?" he asked his mom. "I think I look taller."

It was the first day of March, which was on a Friday. To celebrate the occasion, my grandson decided that instead of a big party on the weekend, he wanted to skip school and have a day of doing whatever he wanted. So Angy skipped work and ferried Christian around. I'm sure that in itself was a treat—having his mom to himself instead of sharing her with his brother and high-maintenance sister. It was all about Christian that day.

The night before, he was on the fence about skipping school. Christian was in a quandary because his teacher gives a pencil to students on their birthday. How could he miss that? It was a tough decision.

Christian's hotel tour
Christian's plans for the day were to take a tour of the hotel where his dad works, have lunch at a restaurant with his parents, pick out his birthday gift at Toys R Us, and stop by his cousins' house and by my house. (Good plan, little dude.)

He decided against going by Evyn and Ezra's since Evyn would be in school and against coming to my house since I'd be working. I appreciate Christian's thoughtfulness, but I certainly would have taken a break from work to see him.

The hotel Darrell manages is at the conference center and franchise headquarters where Angy works. While showing Christian around, Angy told a colleague how he chose to come there instead of going to school and getting his birthday pencil.

The woman then made what must have seemed to Christian like a grand gesture—she presented him with two new pencils. If he had any lingering reservations about his decision, they were surely gone at that point.

After getting the hotel tour from Darrell, which didn't disappoint, the three of them went to lunch at Saltgrass Steak House. It's not a place where I would order chicken fingers, but that's what the birthday boy wanted, and he thought they were the best he'd ever had.

Then it was on to Toys R Us, where Christian selected some toys that boys his age like and that I'm unfamiliar with, so although he told me, I can't remember what they were. All I know is that when I saw him Sunday morning, Christian was wearing a mask that he said was like wearing red sunglasses. I think maybe he was a Power Ranger.

On Sunday during our usual visit to my mom and brother's home, the celebration continued with pizza, cupcakes, silly string, and best of all, a visit from Evyn and Ezra. So Christian ended up getting everything he wanted for his birthday and more.

That little boy must have been pondering the ins and outs of growing older. He recently asked Angy, "Are you still going to love me when I'm big like Daddy and I'm not cute?" (Sorry, Darrell, but your son apparently doesn't think you're cute.) Angy assured Christian in many words that she would always love him, no matter what. I'm glad Christian voiced his concern so that Angy had the opportunity to give him the assurance he needed.

I added "mis dos centavos" later by telling him that it would be impossible for parents and grandparents to stop loving their children and grandchildren because God places in us the same kind of love for our children that He has for His—and God's love is forever.

Thanks, Christian, for asking. And you know what? I think you absolutely do look taller!


  1. Another wonderful true story I loved reading. While it is your family, it could be any of ours as well. Thanks Paula, and belated happy birthday Christian!